Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Alice Nine

It's pretty unbelievable that I love these 5 boys who looks prettier that me.  I don't usually like boys who care too much about their appearance. But Alice Nine is an exception. Since I knew this band from 2007, they steadily became one of my favorite bands.

It's hard to explain my feeling about them through words. The first time I heard their music I yelled, "what kind of music is this?? OMG!!". Well, easy listening is not the right words to describe their music. After sometimes I said, " hmmm... their music isn't too bad". And after many days I finally said, "their music is wonderful ^^". Listening  to their music is like falling in love with a boy. The more you listening, the more you understand, the more you can find beautiful sides of their music. Alice Nine's music is combination of its 5 members. Each personnel has different characteristic & musical influences that makes their music rich and have a wide range from rock, metal, dance, pop, to even R n B!! Well, their style of music is hard to describe.

Alice Nine is a Visual Kei band, a band that not only convey their music through their song, but also through make-up, costume and sometimes theatrical play on stage. You could dislike Visual Kei band because of their really weird appearance. Some of the Visual Kei band personnel put make-up and wear girl costume. Honestly they could looked 10 x more beautiful than me, which is a little humiliating considering I'm a girl and they are boys *^*. 

 Example of Visual Kei Band Personnel:
This is Hizaki-san. The guitarist of Versailles. He's just too beautiful, and his skill is excelent

Rame-chan, the bassist of Vidoll. Unfortunately Vidoll had already disbanded.

Alice Nine's profile

*Formed since : August 24, 2004

* Member         :

Shou: Vocalist, lyricist, current leader
Hiroto: Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Tora: Electric & Acoustic Guitar
  Saga: Bass, main backing vocal

Nao: Drum, former leader of the band

*Labels               : 
  • Peace and Smile Company (PSC), an imprint of Free Will. This is their management office (2004 - present)
  • King Record (2006 - 2010)
  • Tokuma Japan Communication (2010 - 2012)
  • Nayutawave Record (2012 - present)
*Discography :
   - Album:
      Zekkeishoku (2006)
Their Look for Zekkeishoku


Alpha  (2007)
Their Look for Alpha

Vandalize (2009)
Their Look for Vandalize


Gemini (2011)
Their look for Gemini
"9" (2012)

 -  Mini Album:
    Gion Shouja no Kane ga Naru (2004)
    Alice in Wonderland (2005)
    Kasou Mushou Shi (2005)
-  Single:
    Namae wa Mada Nai (2004)
    Gin no Tsuki Kuroi Hoshi (2005)
    Yami ni Chiru Sakura (2005)
    Yuri wa Aoku Saite (2005)
    Kowloon~Nine Head Rodeo Show~ (2006)
    Fantasy (2006)
    Akatsuki/Ikuoku no Chandelier (2006)
    Number Six (2006)
    Jewels (2007)
    White Prayer (2007)
    Blue Planet (2007, digital single)
    Tsubasa (2007)
    Mirror Ball (2008)
Their look for Mirror Ball
    Rainbows (2008)
Their Look for Rainbow

Cross Game (2008)
Their look for Cross Game

    Hana (2009)
Their Look for Hana
    Senkou (2010)
Their Look for Senkou

    Stargazer (2010)
Their Look for Stargazer
    Blue Flame (2011)
Alice Nine look for their 19th Single, Blue Flame

    Heart of Gold (2011)
Their Look for Heart of Gold
Niji no Yuki (2011)

Alice Nine have an Internet Show called "Alice Nine Channel" on Nico Nico Douga. The host is Tora-san.

Alice Nine Channel May 2010 in which the members was asked to draw Doraemon! In this Episode, they celebrate Hiroto's birthday. even though Saga didn't suppose to be there, he came and said that for Hiroto's sake he was absolutely coming to bring the birthday cake and make surprise party. How sweet!!! >////<
Sometimes they also participate in Visual Battle Royale, an internet show which visual key band from PSC compete with each other to win prize.

Alice Nine's duo guitarist, Tora & Hiroto. They are the main reason why I really love Alice Nine. Tora & Hiroto are guitarist with different characteristic. But when they combine their guitar sound, we can hear great harmonization between them.
In one of interview about Heart of Gold single, they said:

Hiroto: It's been a while since I played in unison with Tora, so people said to us "How disgusting (because they were in perfect unison)" (laughs)

Tora: We took turns to record the song, but the people who were there were like "Why are you guys in perfect unison!?".

They can complete each other very well. He he he ^0^. But of course Saga, Nao and Shou are really good as well.

Well, all I can say is that Alice Nine is one of Japanese band that worth to listen and watch. And I'm looking forward to see their lives... Maybe someday they could come to my country or I could come to Japan. Who knows?? v(^ ^)v



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