Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mugen~Electric~Eden by Alice Nine

Regarding my last post, this song also one of the old songs that recently overplayed in my iTunes XD. I love this song so much that I made it the title of my blog. This song is just perfect. Hiroto and Tora warps their guitar, playing tenderly in the entire song. Shou sings fluidly with the sound. Not too mention the perfect bass and drums (okay, maybe I'm too exaggerated here >///<). If hearing Calm Envy from The GazettE makes me feel broken heart, hearing this song makes me feel like I'm wandering into the forest.

Here is the link of this song on Youtube:

Here is the English translation of the lyrics (credit to

Dreams -electric eden-

Be dyed by the heat wave that has descended
Adorned by darkness, the evergreen garden
The hanging lights shake
If morning comes, an ephemereal... transient dream
A letter without an address, who will it be opened by?
The loneliness that can't be erased even if it disappears and
The thing I wanted to grasp with dirtied hands
Embrace the gentle pain

Human who has the same pain.
They meet at hidden place of usual day called
[electric eden.]

The streets as dawn approaches, even if we frown
Someone's tomorrow will change

Find me
Find me
"Here, I'm waiting for the time with you."

The interval between dreams and mystery
The Center Gai we lost ourselves in


You could download this song here . Listen to it and then tell me does this song sounds perfect to you too :)

By the way, a band in my country, Jelly Fish cover this song in a festival. If you interested, you can watch it here:



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