Sunday, May 13, 2012

Big Bang

Okay. This is actually very embarrassing >////<. You know, I always say to myself that I'm not gonna fall for a group of beautiful boys that called "Boyband".  Well, I know several boybands like Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Westlife, A1, N-Sync. They have some good songs that I really like to hear, but I'm not their fan.  A lot of their songs didn't meet my standard in terms of musical composition (well, but I guess Backstreet Boys's songs are acceptable. I love their songs). I tend to love more complicated songs and their songs is too easy to listen  The more complex a song is, the more it's lasted in my playlist ^-*. But somehow, without knowing why exactly this happened, I must swallow back my words that I never gonna be fan of a boyband.

The source of my embarrassing statement here is a Korean Boyband that called Big Bang. Yes. A Korean Boyband. Arghh.. It's really embarrassing because I always look down on Korea music industry. You know, with overwhelming case of plastic surgery among their artists, I always thought that Korean people is really materialistic. I thought that their society blatantly values face and appearance over talent. But this is not the case in Big Bang. For a Korean Idol, their face is so-so (if you compare it to another Korean Boybands).

Their Look for Mini Magazine in 2012
Big Bang was formed in 2006 by YG Entertainment Company. At first they just fairly successful but as the boyband itself take more control in songs production, their popularity increase. When I'm in university, I have a friend that really love Korean Music and say that she likes Big Bang. Personally, I didn't really interested with Big Bang's music video that she showed to me at that time. I became more interested towards them when they release "Haru haru" single. But just that. No more feelings. At that time, she try hard to make me fangirling with her about several Korean boyband (including Big Bang), but fail miserably. Ha ha ha

In 2009, I read news in a magazine that G- Dragon (member of Big Bang), release an album called "Heartbreaker". In 2010, one of my favorite band, Alice Nine, release a new single, "Senkou". Some commented about how the appearance of Hiroto (Alice Nine's guitarist, my favorite boy!!!) is similar to G-dragon in "Heartbreaker" since he dyed his hair to blonde. I guess that's the first time I was interested to G-Dragon (>////<), because he resembles Hiroto-kun.

G-Dragon in Heart Breaker MV
My favorite boy who love photography, Hiroto-kun!!! So? Are they resemble each other??

Back with their latest album Alive in 2012

I didn't really follow them, but suddenly in 2011 I heard rumors that Big Bang was on verge of breaking because of car accident that involved Daesung and G-Dragon's marijuana scandal. At that time, I felt itt's a pitty because I've heard their Tonight & Love Song that year & think I actually quite like those songs. Right when I was beginning to have interest in them, the rumor said they're going to disband. However, in 2012, they release their comeback album "Alive" after 1 year of hard time because of all incidents that happened to them. I really don't know how to explain this, but out of curiosity I searched Youtube and began to hear their new songs from "Alive". Surprisingly, I really love that album.

Big Bang consist of 5 talented boys:

Kwon Ji Yong, more popularly known by his stage name, GD or G Dragon is the leader of Big Bang. His stage name comes from his real name. Ji homo-sound with G and Yong is the Korean language for Dragon, hence Ji Yong is G Dragon. He composed most of Big Bang music. Personally, I really like songs that he composed. Although there are many scandals and incidents happened to him, I respected him as a talented song composer. Though he always looks like a mischievous and conceit boy, he has a very beautiful smile. But I don't really like his voice. Ha ha ha.

Kang Dae Sung, also known as Daesung or D-Lite was mocked as the unpretty boy. Personally, I really like his voice and regard him as one of the main reason why I like Big Bang. He said that when Big Bang was formed he gave them troubles immediately because he sing out of tunes in 8 of 10 stages due to vocal chord nodule then experience stage fright. In 2011, he was involved in a car accident in which 1 motorcyclist death. Aside from singing and write lyrics for songs, he also had host several variety and music show in Korea. Dae Sung is so funny!! And he has a really beautiful smile that makes people call him the Smiling Angel.

Lee Seung Hyun, also known by his stage name Seung Ri or V.I is the maknae (youngest member). He's the mood maker in the band and famous for his ability in networking with many people. He even got a commercial film (CF) in Japan just by talking with his acquaintance (^o^). LOL. Aside from singing, write lyrics and compose song, Seung Ri is an actor and hosting some music programmes. Every time he appear on a show, all of his members got nervous because of what he will say ^0^.  He's also choreograph a large portion of Big Bang dance in the past (they have professional choreographer now) and have an academy called Seung Ri Academy. 

Dong Young Bae, also known as Taeyang or Sol is the main vocalist and dancer of Big Bang. He has the best voice in Big Bang along with Daesung. He even won the best male award for his solo album. G Dragon said that Taeyang is the most manly but also the most one lacking experience with girl in Big Bang. All the other members said that he has the most genuine and kind character. But he love to prank his members.

Choi Seung Hyun, also known as T.O.P is the main rapper in Big Bang along with G Dragon. I personally think that he is the most handsome one in Big Bang although when he was young he was chubby and have to loss weight in order to be accepted in YG Entertainment. Aside from singing, writing song lyrics, and compose songs, he's also an actor, notably in I Am Sam, Iris, Nineteen and Into the Fire, and even got an award!!! I love his acting. Big Bang loves to make drama parody with T.O.P as the main character. He is the tallest in Big Bang but rumor said that he's the most childish member. 

Some of my favorite songs from them:

Fantastic Baby


Beautiful Hangover

Love Song


Haru haru

Bad Boy


I hope they would continue to make good music. I'm looking forward to their next work ^o^

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  1. wow.. I finally meet someone posting bout how they firstly met big bang. I got some guilty pleasure too at the first, and my ego that I won't fall with pretty boys group was such a dilemma haha.. anyway I know they are real musician (especially GD!!) and they have good music! I love them!! hahah

  2. I don't even know them when I for the first time listen their song 'Blue' in 2012, me too, I don't like boyband, well I hate actually. But I dunno, when I was listened Blue, it was like love at the first sight. I really love their music.