Monday, June 25, 2012

Daesung and Seungri

I've been falling in love with this awkward pair recently XD. Big Bang's Funny Duo!!! I never had idea that truthfully their relationship were awkward since they were hosting many Programmes together. Maybe this was happening because both of them had different characters and felt jealous at each other good point ^.^. By the way, I just want to share some picture where they are so cute together. Enjoy!!

Big Bang Variety Show Icon that always make me laugh, Daesung and Seungri!

Hora! They're so cute together!

Seungri play piano for Daesung's solo song, "Try Smiling". Sweet...^.^

In returns, Daesung play drum for Seungri's solo song, Next Day... Awww
Daesung: Seungri, I love you!  # Seungri: What?! * I'm just kidding*

I love to see their smile!

Seungri imitating Daesung's dance for his solo song, "look at me, Gwisun"

Take pictures before filming Secret Garden parody ^.^

Seungri: Daesung hyung, we're so cool # Daesung: Of course we are!

Seungri comforting Daesung when he cry 

They're so young in this picture

Actually this is the first time I see Daesung  bullying Seungri.
Maybe at that time they've already overcome their awkwardness

I guess this picture was taken when they were filming a drama musical with SNSD but I'm not sure

In the video above, Daesung and Seungri performed a song that they composed together. The song's title is "Like Big Bang" and the video is very funny. I always laugh when I watch it ^0^. wkwkwk.. I like the lyrics which say that Big Bang is one, the 5 members have to be together to be the real Big Bang. I personally think that those lyrics reflected Daesung and Seungri thought because at that time all their Big Bang hyung was busy with each of their solo activities which resulted Big Bang released their next album in 2 years and 3 months. 

One of the amazing performance of Daesung and Seungri singing medley of Big Bang songs.

What do you think about them?



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