Saturday, June 9, 2012

VVIP by Seungri

I know this is an old song and the MV of this song came out about 1 year ago. But I like the concept of VVIP MV. There is a bit of drama musical and Alice in Wonderland theme. Not to mention Seungri-shi looks good and as usual I love his dance >///<. Some Screen caps of the MV:
Seungri imitating his Big Bang hyung. What a mischievous Maknae!

Psy sunbae said that Seungri has the best business mind among people in his age 

His sly smile

I don't know why, I love his smile in this MV

Please reach me!!

Eh.. I envy her ^0^
The music video on Youtube:

It's quite relaxing to see Seungri looks young in this MV. In Big Bang latest album, he change his appearance to be more mature and since I'm such a "shotakon", I prefer his look in this video ^0^. But well, I don't really care about his appearance though.



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