Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Alice Nine and MUCC will come to Jakarta, Indonesia

Good news!!!! Indonesia is so lucky to have both Alice Nine and MUCC to do live concert in Jakarta on October 7th as part of JRock Evolution 2012!!!!

The first time I read news about this, it makes me go nuts and shout something like, "I'm so fucking happy!!!". Alice Nine is going to perform in Jakarta!!!! Gyaaa!!!! He he he. It's like dreams come true. First, L'Arc~en~Ciel. Second, Big Bang. And now, it's Alice Nine's turn!!!! 2012 is great!!!!!

Alice Nine
Although I only know Sora to Ito and Yakusoku single from MUCC, I really think that they're a good band so of course I look forward to see them too. ^0^.  
J-Rock Evolution 2012 will be held not only  in Tokyo and Jakarta but also in Singapore and maybe in more countries. So far, only Singapore and Jakarta that have been confirmed as stated in the official website here:

October 5, 2012 at Singapore
Performers: MUCC / UNiTE

October 7, 2012 at Jakarta
Performers: MUCC / Alice Nine

Details about venue and ticketing will be updated soon and I'll post it to keep you informed. Ticket price for their concert in Japan is about 6300 - 6800 yen so maybe you should prepare about Rp. 700.000,-. But that ticket price is for all seat meanwhile in Indonesia we usually divide price according to seat e.g VIP, Tribun, etc so there's possibility that the price is starting from Rp. 550.000,- same as Big Bang Concert.

So Number Six Indonesia!!!!! Are you ready????



  1. Beli tiketnya dijakarta dimanaaaa??? Web nya apa ya??? Thanx

  2. Sampai saat ini belum ada pengumuman resminya. Aq juga sdh tidak sabar krn ini sdh hampir sebulan sebelum hari H konser. Tiap hari aq pantengin situs resminya di www.jrockevolution.jp. Aq juga follow twitternya di @jrockevolution. Semoga tiket dan tempat konser akan segera diumumkan. Kalau sudah ada, infonya pasti segera kuposting.

  3. Btw, baru aza kmrn malam diumumkan promotornya j-rock evolution di jakarta. kamu bisa follow @trilogylive di twitter. Mereka promotornya AFA ama Gym Class Heroes yang kmrn dtg ke jakarta! Info soal tiket pasti segera diumumkan kok!!