Thursday, August 16, 2012

Alice Nine Move to New Label, Universal Music

This morning I received news that I've been expecting. Alice Nine is move to new label!!!

Honestly I've already guess it. It happens everytime Alice Nine didn't release new songs in a long time. When I say "a long time", I mean more than 5 months. I remember when they released their single, Hana, in August 2009 and there was no more single released after that. The next single, Senkou, was released in August 2010 so it takes them 1 year to release another songs. I didn't have any suspicion that time, I thought they just busy doing their tour. But suddenly I heard that they moved from King Records to Tokuma Japan Communication. That's why when they didn't release anything since their album "9" out in February this year, I began to wonder if they will be move to another label. 

One of my favorite band, Alice Nine

I must confess I'm a little bit scared about this. But it turn out that they had signed contract with Universal Music Japan through NAYUTAWAVE RECORDS, the same record company with SNSD and many more (I would love it if they move to Avex Japan, just like Bigbang and 2NE1, but whatever ^.^. It's not a big deal). 

This news was announced by Alice Nine during the first performance of their Court of '9' 3# tour on August 15th, 2012. They didn't only announce that but also performed their new song, "Scarlet" for the first time  and announce that the Final Tour of Court of '9' will be a Count Down Live on 31th December in Yoyogi National Stadium 2nd Gymnasium. Scarlet is rumored to be their new single and someone that already heard that song in that live concert said that the music is like songs from "9" album. 

I can't wait to hear their new songs!!!!! So Number Six, let's wait for our boys' comeback!!



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