Saturday, August 25, 2012

G Dragon in One of A Kind MV

Yesterday I watch G Dragon's newest MV for his new song, "One of a Kind", that makes me suffering this "GD One of a Kind Fever". Ha ha ha. Though I don't really like this song, his dance in the MV is contagious. Sure GD, you really is one of a kind!!

Actually I think his music now is not as mainstream as his first album. I'm quite worried about how Korean public will react to his new music and his bragging lyrics in "One of A Kind" (really, being humble in his lyrics is not one of GD traits. But I love his gut. Moreover, he's just simply saying the truth. Well, he's really young and rich and does have a lot of talents). In my opinion, his rap is better here. Even though I still don't like his voice (laugh).

Back to the MV, seriously, I don't know how many outfits that he wear. Around 18 maybe?? Well, whatever. Just enjoy some screen caps that I took from this MV!!!!

What are you thinking?
You could see Hwangssabu and Choice37 here

I heard he works out to have those beautiful arm muscles in this MV

G dragon with Tiger Cub. So cute... But I hope there's no animal right activist
that want to sue him for having a Tiger Cub in his MV

G dragon with children. So cute. I could almost imagine what will he's like
when he become a father

Hmm.. Not GIVENCHY but GYONGCHY eh?? Fu fu fu.
So G Dragon height is 5'8 feet and his weight is 127 lbs?

Try to look badass. GD sure loves that waist belt. I've seen it numerous times

Awwww... He looks so attentive towards the tiger cub. Look at affection in his eyes

YG's new girl group that will debuted soon. They are featured in this MV

Yes, sir. I'm one of a kind

I wonder what's the concept of this YG's New Girl group. I heard their style would
mix 2NE1 and SNSD style. I wonder if G Dragon produce their songs too


Yes, sir. I'm one of a kind

I want his hat

G Dragon imitating the bear.. Awrrghh
GD and Barbie doll

G Dragon and his skateboard

I love this part in the MV

GD looks good wearing that hat

Sitting like a boss

??? Oh my... he has 2 piercing in his left ear?

GD Kiss the barbie doll

Then he got slap

He looks like a witch

Sexy boxer

GD as a boxer

GD said, " don’t curse me, oh please, look at me with loving eyes"

GD said, " la la la, please accept me, please love me"

Just follow me, follow me

I really want that "One of a Kind" hoody

GD and the Bear

GD the tennis player

smash! smash!

Oh my, I love this part

GD is getting ready to shoot our heart!!

You have shoot my heart! (laugh)

G Dragon and Taeyang

2 boys that have been together since they're 13 years old.

He looks like a vampire?
Handsome GD

Yo.. Get Out Haters!

The Video on Youtube:

I love this video ^.^. Well, even though sometimes I think his style is more miss than hit (laugh) So, What do you think about his new MV?



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