Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hiroto's Facts

Suddenly, I want to write some random facts about my favorite boys that I've been collecting from their blog, interviews, tv shows and opinion according to my observation too!! Hopefully people would love them more when they know them better. He he he.

My first post here is about Hiroto-kun, guitarist from one of my favorite band, Alice Nine. Enjoy!!!

Yes Hiroto!! Please reach out for me!!
  • Real name: Ogata Hiroto
  • Birth date : May 4th (there's a rumor that he was born in 1985 but I have a little doubt about it. In recent interview with Rock and Read he stated that he drop out from school at the first semester in his 2nd year of high school and one year later join Alice Nine. Since normal age to be in 2nd year of high school is 17 years old and Alice Nine was formed in 2004, I guess he was born in 1986. But that's just my speculation. By the way, he is the youngest in Alice Nine)
  • Height : around 167 cm (the shortest in Alice Nine. His band mates love to tease him about his height ^.^ and also his bunny teeth. Ha ha ha. Don't worry hunny, I still love you even though you're short)
  • Strong point : easily get hot, never lie
  • Weak point :  easily get hot, never lie (oh my.. ʘ‿ʘ. Do you mean that your weak point is also your strong point?)
  • Nickname: Pon, Hiropon (that's why I love to call him Pon-chan!!)
  • He is responsible for Alice Nine's live concert merchandise. He experienced in design and love to make plastic model of things.
  • Hoby:

He really loves photography. He loves to take pictures and in my opinion he's a talented photographer. He has good eyes on composition and could capture beautiful side of ordinary things. Ho ho ho. and he is a camwhore. He loves to take his own picture too!

Just like Tora, he loves skateboarding too.
  • Equipment : 
Hiroto use Sadowsky guitar, he is an endorser. But he also use Gibson Les Paul and Fender.

Hiroto loves to use sound effects in his guitar solos. Since Alice Nine's music is so wide range, his guitar playing is also have a lot of variation. His guitar solos always explode and passionate just like him ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ. 

Sometimes he likes to scratch his guitar and produce sounds like DJ. Sometimes he likes "tapping" and sometimes he just play beautiful melody.
  • Pet:

This is Mogu. Hiroto owned it since December 2009 and he really loves it. He said that when he's busy composing song, looking at Mogu would heal his tiredness for a while.

In one interview with Mogu, his pomeranian. Oh, and he ever post a picture where Mogu wink!! Btw, Mogu-yan is so cute. Makes me hard to decide which one is cuter, Mogu or Hiroto (laugh) ^o^.

He join another band called Karasu. A side project band in which its personnel comes from different Visual Kei bands (MUCC, Jealkb, Sadie, Ayabie, and Alice Nine). They already have 2 singles.

His favorite brand is Velvet Lounge and Apple. Velvet lounge is an accessories brand. Hiroto loves to use rings and bracelets from them. Meanwhile, he is an apple fan boy.  He has Macbook, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. He said that if he wasn't born as Hiroto, he wish he was born as Steve Job, former CEO of Apple Inc.

Rumors said that Hiroto is brave and a little hyperactive. Well, if you watch him so much like I do, you can tell that he much MORE than a little bit hyperactive.  ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞ . Now he's more mature and calm. But still, he's so full of energy. He said that people often tell him that he's too passionate.
  • His former band is Baquepia, before the other 4 members of Alice Nine hijacked him from this band. LOL.
  • Hiroto has habit to bite his lips.
  • Love Spiderman
  • Love Steel Tower and Kyoto
  • Love star and love to watch the moon (just like me. ^.^)
  • Said that he doesn't want to get married before he is 35 years old. How mean. Should I wait till I'm 35 years old before you want to marry me darling?  ʘ‿ʘ
  • According to the other members, Hiroto is the most like baby in Alice Nine. Well, he's the youngest so it's not a surprise. Ah, and the other members think that he's the most popular member.
  • He often wears hoody clothes and love to collect shoes.
  • He loves to read comic and watch anime. Together with Shou and Nao, they are Alice Nine's otaku. He loves Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Bakuman.
  • He is good at cooking. Tora, Saga and Nao ever said Hiroto made some food for them and it tasted good.
  • He has a scar between his eyebrows, in the top ridge of his nose.
  • Said that in the beginning of joining Alice Nine, he felt inferior. That's because the other members is highly skilled and have more experience than him. That's why he practise hard!
  • Saga-kun said that Hiroto gave him bad impression the first time he saw him. That's because although Hiroto is a guitarist, he sing more than the vocalist (laugh).
  • Bump his bunny teeth to mic in a live concert and bump it to Shou's teeth in another concert. Hi hi hi.
  • Friend with FT Island's vocalist, Lee Hong Ki. They even go to play bowling together.
That's all for today. Hope you enjoy it!!



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