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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adventure on September 29th, 2012 - Jak Japan Matsuri

Well, actually I have lots of things to do today. But since I got bored and maybe a little bit stress, I want to go out to change atmosphere. Jak Japan Matsuri is held every year in Jakarta. I've already go in 2010 and 2011 and always at the closing ceremony. In 2012, the closing ceremony will be held tomorrow. That's why I decide to come today to Jak Japan Matsuri in Plaza Senayan instead.

Here are the pictures:
The Transjakarta bus that I take was break down and can't move. That's why I end up take a taxi instead
The Photo Exhibition

The story of Sumo

The stage

The cosplayer

Lots of children want to take pictures with the cosplayer

Tokusatsu cosplay show

Another cosplay show

Doraemon fans meeting

Costume of Sumo Referee 
There were Kendo Demonstration and band performance from Rosemary Marian too but unfortunately my smartphone battery were running out and low, hence I couldn't take pictures. By the way, Rosemary Marian vocalist is so cute. He he he. What am I saying? Oh my God. I'm such a shotakon. But well, thinking someone's cute is not a sin right? XD.  I even participate when they dance along Golden Bomber's song, "Memeshikute". Aigoo. Ha ha ha. Honestly, when I watch Rosemary Marian performance, all that I thought was whether I could see Hiroto and the rest Alice Nine members if  I sit in the VIP section. I was tried to imagine the concert layout in Skenoo Hall. (^o*).

That's all for today. Isn't I revealing too much things about myself on internet? Hmmm...

Hiroto on Alice Nine Channel May 18th, 2012 (Hiroto Birthday Event)

If you've read my posts in this blog, you would know that I'm a big big big big big big big fan of Alice Nine, especially Hiroto-kun. Lots of Number Six had already watched Alice Nine Channel, internet show featuring Alice Nine that is aired every month. This show is interesting and you could see another side of Alice Nine that you won't know just from see their PVs or watch their lives. For example, Nao's cowardliness (he's still cute and adorable though) or Saga's comedic character. Fu fu fu. XD.

This is from their old Alice Nine Channel video that was already aired this May. But I want to share screencaps from it because it was celebrating Hiroto's Birthday and he looks so cute in this video. Credit to Azshannar and Jaeho_x3. Ok, here are the screencaps:

Hiroto-kun on the introduction

This Alice Nine Channel is host by Tora with Hiroto and Nao as guest

Hiroto-kun surprised to know that Tora, Nao and the staff were planning to pull a prank on him.

Listening carefully about things that he have to do

That plush doll is so cute. I want to have it!

Tora said Hiroto sit like a prince

Smiling because he has to do challenge number 9. They want to know how fit Hiroto is!

Accomplishing challenge no 8. They want to know how wild Hiroto is.
In this case, they ask him to impersonate Sugi-chan, a Japanese comedian

The set

Tora said Hiroto looks cool even though they ask him to dressed as Sugi-chan

Tora ask Hiroto to roll up his sleeves

Waiting for next challenge

He was doing challenge no. 7, impersonating 2700

Laugh when they ask him to impersonate Lola-chan

"Lola-chan is like this, isn't it?"

Seriously facing the camera before doing impersonation

Hiroto's impersonation of Lola. So cute!!!

Getting very embarrassed after doing impersonation 

Getting very embarrassed after doing impersonation

Doing the next challenge. They want to know if Hiroto is manly

To prove his manliness, he had to do "What's in the box" segment 

The next challenge. They want to know how flexible Hiroto is!

Hiroto could stretch both of his legs with maximum 165  degree. 

The next challenge. They want to know how cool Hiroto is.
That's why they made him do an interview while they place a massager on his back

Hiroto do the interview with straight face, even though his back is moving because of the massager

So cute

So cute

The next challenge. They want to know how Hiroto will looks like with mustache and beards.

The next challenge. They want to know Hiroto's childhood

That's why they call Hiroto's brother

The last challenge. Hiroto have to blow candles on his birthday cake

The premium corner segment

Hiroto said, " I love to do lives"

Tora, Hiroto and Nao talking about how they really loves to do live concerts

"There's a lot of places that I've never been. I want to do live concert there"

"I really want to do lives overseas. There are overseas fan that watch this show. "
I got teary up a bit to hear those sentences from my favorite boy T.T.
We're gonna meet on 7th Oct!!! 

"Thank you very much to celebrated my birthday!"
By the way, It's revealed that Hiroto is good in cooking XD.