Saturday, September 1, 2012

G Dragon - That XX MV

GD post this teaser on his instagram
Today I watch G Dragon's new MV, That XX on Youtube. A ballad song, pretty much different with "One of a Kind", his previous lead song from his new album. I wonder who played the guitar in That XX song? Could it be G Dragon himself (just like in the picture above)? Whatever, I clearly love this kind of music so I would like to share it.

By the way, this song is rated XX by Korean Media Rating Board and those under 19 years old is prohibited to watch it. That's why lots of G Dragon's fans expecting something more badass in this MV, like some sex scene where GD show his body (OMO... just like Seungri in Strong Baby) or that it full of scenes where GD curse. Wkwkwk... Those fans must be disappointed right now because the video is very normal. There's absolutely no sex scene in the video, just a kiss in the forehead. When GD drown himself in the bathtub, he didn't even take his clothes off. And GD just said swear words twice in the chorus. Geezzz... Korean Media Rating Board sure is so strict nee... This is such a sweet video.

This is the video on Youtube:

You could download the video here

So what do you think about his new song?