Sunday, September 23, 2012

G Dragon - That XX, SBS Inkigayo Performance

Oh My God! Today on SBS Inkigayo 120923, G Dragon and Sung Ha Jung have performed That XX!!! What? You don't know who Sung Ha Jung is? He is a professional acoustic guitarist who has risen to fame as a Youtube sensation. I first watched his video in 2008, when he's just 12 years old, and already amazed by his skill. He's a lot younger but play guitar a lot better than me. I thought he already have 2 albums but unfortunately I never get to hear it T^T.

G Dragon (left) and Sung Ha Jung (right). I take this picture from Sung Ha Jung Twitter.
He made it to be his profile pic
Okay. The facts are like these: I love Sung Ha Jung. I love G Dragon. And Sung Ha Jung loves G Dragon too. He has been known as a G Dragon fanboy. And you know what? In this performance G Dragon had collaborated with Sung Ha Jung as his guitarist! Wow! I can't imagine how happy Sung Ha Jung is! I'm happy to see them collaborated together! Makes me want to see G Dragon collaborate with Hiroto! Can you imagine it?? G Dragon sing or rap with Hiroto as the guitarist. I get nose-bleed already from imagining it. It's seem unlikely, but hey, hope this kind of things happen is not a crime right? ^^. But if I think again, it would be a bad idea (laugh).

You can watch the performance here:

For your convenience, I've already download it from Youtube. You can download it here, but of course it's better if you watch it on the G Dragon's official Youtube Account so you contribute to the view count. The video is properties of YG Entertainment and SBS Inkigayo. I share it here only to make more people will get in touch with his music ^^ (Does I really need to do this? G Dragon and Sung Ha Jung had famous already (^o^). Ha ha). Well, whatever. Just enjoy!! What do you think about this collaboration?



  1. Wow!! I like sungha jung too! Firstly, I was so excited.. because Sungha Jung previously get few chances collab with 2NE1, and I wonder when the time he will collab with bigbang or GD. But when I watch it, I feel a little bit disappointed with GD's singing.. It's not a stable voice, I think he is not that good in ballad or it's just me?

    *Anyway sorry for spamming your comment box, it just I'm so happy met other VIP blogger :)

    1. I'm happy to meet a VIP too :). I guess It's true that his voice is not stable and he's not suit to sing a ballad song. But well, he's a rapper after all :). I wonder what will it sounds if other BigBang Members such as Daesung, Seungri or Taeyang, sing this song.