Monday, September 10, 2012

JRock Evolution 2012, Further Information

J-live Asia, a platform from the creator of Anime Festival Asia with mission to arrange JRock and JPop concert in Asia, recently announce information about JRock Evolution in Singapore and Jakarta. Actually I'm just about 90% sure if this information is also valid for JRock Evolution in Jakarta because the promotor of this concert in Indonesia, Trilogy Live, have yet give any additional information. But since Trilogy Live is partner of Anime Festival Asia and J-live Asia in organizing AFAID this September, I thought this information that comes from their official facebook can be trusted. Here is the full screencap from it:

I got it from this website. You could directly check it.

Oh my God! Meet & Greet!!! I could see Hiroto's smile that as bright as millions lightings, right in front of my eyes! Maybe I can even do handshakes with my favorite boys, Alice Nine. I'm so excited. I'm sure MUCC fans are excited too!! September 14th, please come soon!!! I can't wait to buy the tickets!! Nao, Hiroto and Shou has expressed how excited they are to be able to perform in Jakarta! Nao even say that he search his passport today!! Alice Nine and MUCC!!! I'm anxiously waiting for you too!!!

I've been spreading this information on twitter but I'm sure there are still a lot of people that didn't know about this or anxiously waiting about the tickets and venue. Some even thought this event is going to be cancelled because there's no information about tickets and venue yet!! That's why I post this in my blog even thought I'm not 100% sure there will be meet and greet. But, it's not a sin to wish, isn't it? So number six!!! Please look forward the ticketing information on September 14th!!! Let's rock!!



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