Sunday, September 16, 2012

JRock Evolution 2012 in Jakarta, Layout Information

Finally I got my VIP Ticket on Friday. The ticket sale was started from 7 pm but the server of Trilogy Live website was down so all Alice Nine and MUCC's fan couldn't open it. I experience the same problem too. It says the maximum number of connection is reached so I couldn't submitted the ticket order. I experience problems when I fight for BigBang Ticket too, but ordering JRock Evolution ticket is more difficult. T^T. Can you imagine it? We were stay in front of computer try to get into the website for more than 30 minutes without result. So many fans complaint in twitter. But finally the website return to normal and I could buy the tickets for me and my sister. By the way, this is the layout of concert venue. VVIP dan VIP is seated and have a number so we couldn't sit as we like. You could read more info here and buy the ticket here.

It''s finally official, the third act of JRock Evolution is Unite. I didn't know anything about this band but I heard that they're a good band. My sister bias is Shou and mine is Hiroto so we hope we'll be seated in the middle of Shou and Hiroto. >.<. I wish I could see them clearly. Please wish us good luck!

I hope everyone can having fun together in this event!!



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