Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Alice Nine on Sundown Festival 2012 in Singapore

Good News for Alice Nine's fans in Singapore!! You might didn't get the chance to see them on 5 October since Alice Nine didn't come for JRock Evolution in Singapore. But today it has been announced that Alice Nine would be one of the line-up for Sundown Festival as stated on Sundown Festival Official Facebook!!!

the screenshot
Sundown Festival in Singapore is an annual festival that brought artists from different Asia's country to performed together, now in its 4th year. Last year it brought Alice Nine's junior in PSC, Vivid, and now it's Alice Nine's turn!

These are all information that I know about Sundown Festival 2012 (taken from the official facebook):

Sundown Festival 2012
Date: 1 December 2012
Place: Marina Promenade (F1 pit area, behind Singapore flyer), Singapore
Door Open from 5.30 pm
Artist Line-Up:
  • Alice Nine (Japan)
  • Anthony Nelly (Taiwan)
  • Liu Li Yang (China)
  • BTOB (Korea)
Ticket Price hasn't been announced but this is the ticket price according to this website:
  • $168 - Cat 1 & 2
  • $148 - seated Cat 3 & 4
  • $118 -Cat 5
  • $78 - Cat 6
That website said that those ticket price details are from Sistic but when I checked there, this event hasn't been added to Sistic website. Ticket price for Sundown Festival 2011 is $138 - $148, so maybe for those of you in Indonesia that want to watch this concert, the ticket price is around Rp. 1.100.000,-. 

I admit. I really want to see Alice Nine again. Ever since I watched them in JRock Evolution, I can't move on, I want more. But honestly, I thought they're gonna be performed just for about 1 hour so there's a high possibility that I won't satisfied, I want to see their one-man live!! So I'll wait patiently till they're gonna hold a one-man live in Indonesia or neighboring countries or maybe I would go to Japan?? He he he.   

I really hope their live in Singapore would be a success one since I've heard bad rumor about how K-Pop fans (in this case, Teen Top's fans that performed in Sundown Festival last year) didn't treat Vivid well. Okay, I get it that some fans of idol group could be so hardcore and crazily fanatic, but it doesn't mean you may treat other artist badly. Show some respect!! I'm sure Alice Nine's fans would treat the other artist well too. Let's live in peaceful atmosphere just as the Sundown Festival 2012's slogan, A United Asia, A Better Asia!! 

So, what do you think? Do you think I should come and see this concert?



  1. Why must it be on Dec 1? 2ne1 concert in Singapore is also on Dec 1 O_O. And yeah, true ticket prices are kinda expensive (considering that I wanna watch only Alice Nine's performance - which will probably last 30mins to an hour).

    1. Wow.. 2NE1 also in Singapore on Dec 1? Honestly, I think I would go to watch Alice Nine in Sundown Festival if only I live in Singapore. I wouldn't mind to go to Singapore though if it is their one-man live.

      I was considering to go to 2NE1 concert in Indonesia but since I'm a member of organizing committee of an ASEAN meeting on November, I think I'm gonna pass this time. Moreover the venue and the promoter is same with BigBang concert in Indonesia. I'm still disappointed by how they handle the concert and I don't like the venue.

      Btw, where do you live? Are you from Singapore?

    2. Maryland. But I'm in the Philippines right now staying with friends. I plan on going to Singapore for 2ne1 coz it seems that YG has no plans of bringing New Evo concert to the PI -_-; Wanna see them before I go back to Baltimore on January.

      I really wanna see Alice Nine though T_T. But yeah...the amount of money I'm gonna spend for airfare + hotel + concert tickets is gonna sum up to maybe 600+ USD. If it was a one-man live, no problem. But it's not. I'd be spending that much to see them perform for maybe 30 mins. If I knew exactly what time they're gonna perform, maybe I can go back and forth between A9 and 2ne1. The venues are like 10 mins away by car. (I've been seriously researching my options lol)

    3. Wow. A number six from USA. Well, I wish all the best for you. Let's hope they're going to do world tour soon. They've been doing live concerts overseas (finally) and now in Universal Music so I think there will be a chance that they're going to do live concerts in USA too..