Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Indonesia Left a Good Impression on Alice Nine

I've been wanting to post this for so long. But due to my busy schedule, I couldn't post it right after JRock Evolution 2012 in Jakarta ended. I felt like I lost the right momentum to post this. But then I watched Alice Nine Channel on October 26th. Heard them talking about their impression of their recent live in Jakarta and Taipei made my mind, "I have to post this". I'm so glad that they seems like really treasure their overseas fans. First, I want to share some screen caps from UNiTE, MUCC and Alice Nine's personnel tweet about their feeling in regards to Jakarta live.

Before live, at the first day of Alice Nine arrival in Jakarta,
Hiroto-kun met some Alice Nine's fans in Mall Fx Senayan. This is his reaction

Impression from Yui-san, vocalist of UNiTE. He's quite cute nee

Miya-san (from MUCC)! I love you too! Please come again to Indonesia!

Jakarta live is so hot nee!!

There's a lot of male fans of Alice Nine in Indonesia.
Some of them had been in J-Rock band and quite handsome.
Moreover, they sat on VVIP places so it's not surprising that they left deep impression.
Do you know that there are several bands that love to cover Alice Nine's song in Indonesia?
Jelly Fish and Foru band. They both come to the concert!!

Hiroto was so energetic on stage. You know how excited he was in Jakarta live concert?
He's very excited to the point that he broke one bone in his ribs. Oh boy, be careful Pon! 

I'm waiting for Alice Nine one-man live concert in Indonesia!!

Thank you too, Nao-san! 

I only know a little bit of Japanese. But I'm quite sure that in this tweet Shou-kun
said that he want to  come again to Indonesia (am I right?)
Almost all translations credit are for @aliceinrainbows on twitter.

Alice Nine also tell their impression on Jakarta live in Alice Nine Channel 26 October. As I already said, I only know a little bit of Japanese language. But here are some things that I could make out from their conversation in that show:
1. Tora said that their live in Jakarta is amazing. But when he is in Fx Senayan (a mall really near to their hotel),
there are some people said that they want to take a picture with him. But in the end, those people ask him,
"from which band are you from?". Wkwkwkwk. But he said he feel free in Jakarta.

2. Nao and Saga said that Jakarta live is very hot and fans are really excited.

3. Nao said that when they were doing the check sound, fans were screaming. When Saga play his bass, fans
screamed Saga's name. Saga said, actually his bass technician was the first person that play his bass, to
check the sound. But fans are already screaming his name, thought that it was him. Fans also screamed Nao's
name when Nao check the sound of the drums.

4. Nao and Saga said that their fans were calling, "Alice Nine! Alice Nine! Alice Nine!" and it's made them happy.

In the Premium corner, Tora ask their male fans to come to their concert. Nao and Saga said that lately many
males come to their show. Saga said in Jakarta, many male fans came. The handsome one too.

By the way, the screen caps of Alice Nine Channel is credit to Azshannar. Let's wait until Jaeho_x3 finish her
translation of this show!!! I'm really glad that they had fun in Indonesia!



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