Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alice Nine is Excited to Come to Jakarta

It's really touching to know that it isn't only the overseas fans that longing to see Alice Nine live concert in their country, but our boys are also craving to meet us too!! They've been saying for numerous times in Alice Nine Channel that they wish to perform overseas to meet their fans. Awww...^^. Finally their dream will come true because they'll take part in JRock Evolution 2012 in Jakarta on October 7th and in Taiwan on October 21th. They' been showing their excitement to held a live concert overseas. This is some random screencaptures from Shou, Hiroto and Tora's twitter and Nao's Ameba Now!! Please don't ask me what about Saga. I guess he's busy playing Winning Eleven. Ho ho ho. Enjoy!! Could you feel their excitement about their first live in Jakarta??

Oh My. Looks how hyper my favorite boy is!!

My heart beats faster too thinking that you would come here to my city

I'm looking forward to it!!

Now I really curious to know songs that they'll play in Jakarta

We'll be seeing you soon too, Ponchan!!

Oh My. Saga would definitely play it for hours

LoL. What are you saying Nao-chan. Jakarta is a metropolitan city too you know.
It's among the 20th largest metropolitan city in the world. You could find almost any kind of stuff here
All the translation is credit to @aliceinrainbows in twitter. See their excitement, I feel excited too!! Can't wait to see them on October 7th!!!



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