Monday, December 3, 2012

Alice Nine on Sundown Festival 2012 in Singapore - Live Report, Photos and Videos

I didn't attend Sundown Festival 2012 in Singapore so of course I couldn't write a personal live report concert. Fortunately, this festival allowed fans to take pictures and videos! From the fancams, I could say that the sound system was quite good but the mic was sucks. I couldn't hear Shou's voice properly T^T. The setlist is like this, as I know from the Sundown Festival official twitter account:

  1. Heart of Gold
  2. Rainbows
  3. Fantasy
  4. Blue Planet
  5. Tsubasa
  6. Shunkashuutou
It's quite short nee. From Publicity Asia, I read that this festival was attended by around 6000s people. Here are some fancams (not mine). Credit to the uploader:

Alice Nine arrival in Singapore:

The Press Conference:

The Meet and Greet:

Video of live performance:

Heart of Gold and Rainbows

Fantasy and Blue Planet

The Bra Incident

Do you remember Alice Nine Channel 26 October where Saga-kun ask Number Six to throw bra at him at the live concert? Well, in Singapore it really happened!! Be careful of what you said Saga-kun! Wkwkwkwk. Fans threw bras to the stage  in front of Saga. Then he just walk and gave it to Hiroto-kun who knew nothing about it. My favorite boy then whirled it and threw it back to the audience. What surprise me is Tora-kun take initiative to do fanservice. Yes, that Tora-kun!! It happened in the chorus of Rainbows. First he joint twitter and now this! Somehow I feel the world is really approaching its end. Wkwkwk. Things that makes me happy the most is Hiroto-kun seems to be healthy and have fun in this festival. For those who don't know, Hiroto was sick so he couldn't attend the press conference and the meet & greet. He went to Singapore right after he was discharged from hospital on 30 November T^T. I was really worried but it turned out that he's okay. He even bow to the audience for around 15 seconds at the end of Alice Nine's performance. Oww.. Hiroto-kun. I love you for being down to earth, polite and so fond of the fans. >///<. You could read a live report from someone who really attend the live concert here. You could also read the news from their arrival to their departure from Singapore here.

None of these photos below are mine. All credit goes to Sundown Festival:

This man have only discharge from hospital on 30 November 2012. The next day, he have already gave 120% of his performance to rock Singapore! Ow man! I should feel ashamed of my lazy self T^T.

Alice Nine on Sundown Festival
Is it only me? I felt that lately Alice Nine Staff getting more interested to international fans ^^. I hope Alice Nine will go to a world tour soon. And hopefully my other favorite bands too ^^.



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