Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Alice Nine - Daybreak (Preview)

As you guys (maybe) know, Alice Nine will release 3 consecutive singles from March till May. The first single, Daybreak, will be out on 20 March 2013 and will be followed by Shadowplay on April. The preview for Daybreak single first aired on 15 February 2013 on their Nico-nico show, Alice Nine Channel. As usual, Alice Nine members (in this case Hiroto, Nao and Tora) have to do something as long as they can so the staff would play PV of  their single. As soon as they stop, the staff stop play their PV which made Daybreak PV only aired for about 57 seconds ^0^.

It's not surprising to see Alice Nine fandom buzzing about this PV since the band haven't releasing any single for about a year. Then Universal Music Japan uploaded the 90 seconds preview of the PV yesterday and in 1 day, the preview has been watched almost 10.000 times. Even though this is just a preview, I was quickly in love with the PV. Maybe one of my favorite PV from Alice Nine. The scenery is really beautiful. You could watch the PV preview here, it's really good:

Honestly, I was quite worry the first time I hear the preview. It's because this song is surprisingly so easy listening. ^^. Maybe you would find me weird, but I don't really like easy listening song because I tend to quickly bored with it. I was able to hear the full song on BuzzRock radio and.... Hmmm... I have mixed feeling about Daybreak. 

I love the fact that Alice Nine's song have many layers & depth and this one is not an exception. This is a pop song mixed with Funk-guitar and Funk-bass style, something that maybe they never do it before. I like Shou's voice in this one, particularly in the intro. This song is easy listening so I hope they could attract new fans and their music will appeal to larger audience.

What I don't like about Daybreak is it don't have a guitar or bass solo in it. This is really personal opinion, since I've been longing to hear new guitar solo from Hiroto or Tora (or both, sweet heaven ^^). I think they just want to have a steady and balance song. I prefer to hear another rock song from them but maybe Alice Nine want to change their atmosphere since lots of songs in "9" album are a heavy rock songs. 

Whatever. I decide to give this single a chance since my favorite songs from Alice Nine are usually not the single itself but the coupling songs ^^. My favorite songs from their singles are like these:
  • White Prayer single --> The Last Empire
  • Rainbows single --> Kochouran
  • Cross Game single --> Mugen~electric~eden
  • Hana single --> Sleepwalker
  • Senkou single --> Solar Eclipse
  • Stargazer single --> Karma
  • Blue Flame single --> Zankyou Whiteout
  • Heart of Gold single --> Ray
  • Niji no Yuki single --> Nemesis
See? That's why I really look forward to hear the coupling song, Himitsu. What do you think about this preview? Do you agree with me or do you have different opinion?



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