Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nao's Facts

After approximately 1 year, finally I manage to post this on my blog. Pyuh... I wonder, why it takes this long?  *sweat*. This is the second post about Alice Nine member's fact. This time it's Nao's turn! The first one is for Hiroto as you could find here. These are random facts about Nao that I've been collecting from his blog, interviews, tv shows and opinion according to my observation too. Ok, here we go!

Kira kira Nao-shi
  • Real name: Murai Naoyuki (rumor)
  • Birth date : July 31th (there's a rumor that he was born in 1980 but I don't know if it's true or not)
  • Height : around 170 cm (in Alice Nine, he's only taller than Hiroto)
  • Position : Drummer, former leader of Alice Nine (2004 - 2012, now the leader is Shou)
  • Strong point : My strong point could also be my weak point
  • Weak point :  My weak point could also be my strong point (oh my.. ʘ‿ʘ. what do you mean with this Nao-shi. Fu fu fu)
  • Hobby : Hikikomori (social withdrawal. When you stay in your room busy thinking or doing something yourself and doesn't want anyone to disturb you. Nao has same hobby with me :D)
  • Club in High School : Japanese Tea Ceremony club
  • Equipment: Yamaha Drums & Zidjian cymbals.
  • Drum playing style:

Nao-shi is an interesting drummer. His skill is excellent and he work hard to reach his level now. But that's not the interesting point. Rather than focus on his double bass drum, Nao-san choose to hover his cymbals. Really, he's a world-class drummer if you refer to his skill and technique in playing cymbals. He has a good footwork too. You can hear it especially in their rock and metal song.

Random facts about Nao:
  • Loves everything about beverages. He loves coffee and in his blog he often upload pictures of beverages that he likes or he just try.
  • Loves to blog about food!  It seems that he's a kind of person that likes to try new food or new restaurant. On the contrary, he's the most complaining one about gain some weight and often caught between his appetite and his dread of gaining weight (laugh).
  • The other members call him the "Akiba Leader" because he really loves to go to Akihabara (An area in Japan, famous as the center of electronic stores). He said that rather than eating 3 times a day, he prefer to go to Akihabara 4 times a week (laugh).
  • Love to tease his bandmates.
  • According to other members, Nao-san is an otaku^^. That's why to celebrate his birthday in 2010, the other members prepare the "cat and bunny ears" project where they and their fans wear either cat or bunny ears and tail just like the Akiba idol that Nao-san like. Oh, so sweet!!

  • The other members gave him surprise too on his birthday in 2006. Right in the middle of the making of "Number Six" movie and video.
  • Love to call himself Nao-shi. Shi is suffix that given to athlete or artist.
  • He is a gamer. Love Gundam and Dragon Quest.
  • A very cute freak. Sometimes childlike and really freak out in "What's in the Box" segment of Alice 9 Channel. Even though he's like that, in an interview, all of the other members point their finger to Nao when asked who's the most inspirational player in the band.
  • Has a brother whom he always refer as his "handsome brother".

  • Is the lead singer in a school band (Nao can sing! as you could hear from an interview where he sang "Number Six").
  • The first instrument that he played is bass. He was a bassist in a band called Rush. No wonder in one of Fan Club only live, Alice Nine played a song with Nao on Bass, Tora on Drum and Saga on Vocal.
  • Use glasses.
  • Always need to use bathroom in the wrong time, like just before interviews. He is left behind by tour bus 2 times when he was in bathroom. :D. I guess that's why all members looks at Nao when Shou ask if there is anybody who needs to use bathroom in an FC only live.
That's all I know. Hope you enjoy it!!



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