Monday, December 30, 2013

Saga's Fact

This is my third post about Alice Nine member's fact. And now, please welcome..... (sounds of drums roll) ... it's Saga's turn! The first one is for Hiroto, and the second one is about Nao. These are random facts about Saga that I've been collecting from his blog, interviews, tv shows and opinion according to my observation too. Ok, here we go!

  • Real name: Sakamoto Takashi (rumor)
  • Birth date : June 24th (there's a rumor that he was born in 1982 but I don't know if it's true or not. All I know is Saga is the 2nd oldest member of Alice Nine. The order is like this, Nao --> Saga --> Shou --> Tora --> Hiroto)
  • Height : 176 cm
  • Position : Bassist, main backing vocal
  • Strong point : Patient, bearable to pain
  • Weak point :  Strange (^^. What? Me too, Saga-kun)
  • Hobby : Walking with dog (His dog, Chiko, has passed away)
  • Club in High School : Baseball (He ever said that if he's not pursuing his dream as a musician, he's maybe inspiring to be a baseball pro player. Left-handed pitcher and batter).
  • Equipment: ESP bass (He's an endorser. He even got his own signature bass. Sasuga desu nee!)

Saga-kun compose so many songs for Alice Nine. My favorite Alice Nine's song, Gemini, Birth in the Death, Mugen~electric~eden, are composed by Saga.

Random facts about Saga:
  • If Hiroto is often teased about his height, Saga-kun is often tesed about his nose (laugh). It's because his nose is big if you compare it to his tiny eyes. Don't worry Saga-kun! You're still pretty much handsome even though you have a big nose! (laugh).
  • Nao-san said that Saga-kun is a tough guy. Shou-kun said that Saga-kun is reliable. We could say that the other members think that Saga is a nice guy even though he's a pervert and always act silly.

  • In a show, said that the woman of his dream is Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga (laugh). Fans then tease and call him, "Lady Saga".
  • When asked who's the most careless person in the band, all the other members point their finger at Saga. He he he. Rumor said that he's pretty airheaded.
  • Stated that if he is a girl, he would like to flirt with Hiroto. Somehow, Saga-kun always said that even though he looks like a playboy while Hiroto looks like a nice guy, the truth is opposite. Ho ho ho. Really, Saga-kun?

  • Love U2. He's longing for the day U2 come for a concert in Japan.
  • He loves football and his favorite team is Arsenal.
  • He loves to eat Pizza.
  • Rumor said that he used to be a model. With a face like that, I'm not surprised.

  • When Shou meet Saga for the first time, he though that Saga is some kind of fairy. LOL
  • Stated in this blog that he loves to play the part as the funny guy in the band but feel incredibly uncomfortable when he saw his picture and photo. He feels that he isn't handsome so trying to show off makes him uneasy. Aww... he always look so confident that I don't have a clue that he ever felt that way.
  • Had a jealousy with other members about who's the best player among them or when people compliment the other member without saying anything about him. He he he. At the time the Gemini album was out, he said that he's jealous with the Alice Nine's guitarist and said that he was arranging new bass play that would surpass them.
That's all I know. Hope you enjoy it!!



  1. thanks for the fact.. this is pretty new for me.. ^^