Sunday, August 17, 2014

Who is Next: WIN (English subtitle) Episode 1

If you know Winner but never watch Who Is Next: WIN, then you might only know their name and their music but not their story. Bigbang also ever went through this kind of reality program which is called Bigbang Documentary. In that program, 6 male trainees competed to claim their place to debut as YG Entertainment first boys group, Bigbang. At first, the line up of Bigbang only consist of G Dragon, Daesung, Top and Taeyang. The other two was eliminated, but they was given a second chance where Seungri finally join as the maknae. Hyun Seung who was eliminated later join a boyband from Cube Entertainment, Beast, and also enjoy considerable amount of success. 

In Who Is Next: WIN, eleven male trainee are divided into team A and team B, battled to win and finally debut as Winner. You can watch it on Youtube, but you can also download the first episode here. In this episode, you will be introduced to all 11 trainees, with some story of Lee Seung Hoon, Kang Seung Yoon and Kim Jin Woo.

Episode 1
Size 178 Mb
Resolution 640 x 360

English and Japan Subtitle
Size 177 Kb

The subtitle only work with KMPlayer or VLC media player. It is also work in android smartphone and tablet, but sometimes it can not appear perfectly. It doesn't work in Quick Time Player or Windows Media Player. I recommend you to view it using KMPlayer.

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