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What does Winner mean for Winner?

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you heard the word "WINNER"? I'm not talking about "a person or thing that win something". In this case, WINNER is a name of a boy band. Many people mock this name at first, but I actually like it since the beginning. People said that name is a prayer. My parents gave me a name which mean "good works" because they hope I'll excel in all things that I do. Carry a name as heavy as "WINNER" certainly means people expect them to be winners. ^^. And they really do.

As you might know from my previous blog post, I'm in love with Winner and right now trying to make articles that can show you why I love this group so much. This time, I want to present my compilation of "What does Winner mean for Winner?". I love their answers that show how mature they really are without being pretentious, while lively and still fun to read. Here we go!

Kim Jin Wo. Photo credit: Winner official facebook
Kim Jinwoo
WINNER is a name that helped me realize my dream that seemed unreachable. I am so grateful for the name, because my dream that seemed vague and that I didn't want to wake up from became real. I just hope that we can bear the weight of this crown of WINNER. - Winner 2014 S/S album -
WINNER is space. Many researchers study space, but as you dig deeper, you get more new information. It is a place with infinite potential. We want to become a group like that - YGlife -
Winner is a clean slate for me, so far  - PRIME 1theK - 

Lee Seung Hoon. Photo credit: Winner official facebook
Lee Seunghoon
The name carries a more significant value because we had to fight against Team B to get it. All the members have infinite potential in so many aspects, and I hope the name WINNER becomes a cultural icon, not just the name of an idol boy band. - Winner 2014 S/S album -
WINNER is tofu. The process of making tofu is time-consuming. There are soft ones and hard ones, and we also have many different sides to show. Tofu is also really versatile. WINNER is also like that, we went through a long period of training, and we want to produce music that is not too provocative but ‘soft’ and ‘approachable.’ ‘Familiarity’ is what we aim for rather than ‘dynamism - YGlife -
Winner is a crown to me  - PRIME 1theK -
Do you like the name WINNER?
“It may be a bit juvenile (everyone laugh) but it’s not sensitive about the trends, so we think it’s a great name.”  - Kpoplanet Interview -

Song Min Ho. Photo credit: Winner official facebook
Song Minho
The name is like a pair of new shoes. Shoes in which my swollen, bruised and injured feet from the tough journey can fit perfectly. With these shoes, my feet are as light as feathers. - Winner 2014 S/S album -
New pair of shoes? It's time to put them on and start running - PRIME 1theK - 
WINNER is rice paper roll. You can choose your own ingredients to make your own roll. I want to produce music that the listeners can choose and listen. Rice paper roll is made of fresh and healthy ingredients, and we want to create music like that - YGlife -

Kang Seung Yoon. Photo credit: Winner official facebook
Kang Seungyoon
It means "toddle". Until now I was moving my fingers, trying to flip and crawl everywhere. All these activities were necessary for me to stand on my two feet. With the help of the trustworthy members, staffers and the fans, WINNER is about to take its very first step. - Winner 2014 S/S album -
WINNER is a delicious cocktail. It is a mixture of many kinds of alcohol and beverages. Our cocktail will be a whole new one. The ingredients we have are so individualistic that the outcome will be something that no one has ever tasted before - YGlife -
At first, I said “What the heck is WINNER” but after we got it, I liked it. (laughs) In any situation, we can be winners. - Elle Korea interview - 
Do you like the name WINNER?
“We love it. There’s a popular belief about how singers’ fates follows their names. So WINNER is an excellent name.” - Kpoplanet Interview -

Nam Tae Hyun. Photo credit: Winner official facebook
Nam Taehyun
WINNER is number "0". 0 looks powerless and meaningless, but if you add a 0 to 100, it becomes 1000. If Nam Taehyun alone is 100, then WINNER's Nam Taehyun is 1000. - Winner 2014 S/S album -
WINNER is kimchi. Kimchi goes well with any food. It can also be used as an ingredient to cook something. Like SEUNGHOON said, we want to approach the audience with music that has diverse charms - YGlife -
What is "real winner" for you?
A person who lives a happy life. It’s not important to have lots of money or no money in life. WINNERs are those who do what they want to do and are happy in the moment. We are like that. We think we are living as winners because a group called “WINNER” exists now.
They're really interesting. >///<. So, Inner Circle, What does Winner mean for you?

Quote from interview is credit to With Winner and YG Winner.



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